3Dnatives: The first digital media dedicated to 3D printing

3Dnatives was launched in early 2013 by Marc Pfohl and Alexandre Martel, with the goal of bringing the wonders of 3D printing to the masses. Today, they are a passionate, international team who are all working together to make 3Dnatives the first source for all things 3D printing in France, Europe and around the world. With more than 350k readers each month, they strive to provide all the latest developments and innovations through their daily posts and articles on their website.

3Dnatives offers many tools for their users such as their 3D printer Comparator, featuring an array of professional and personal 3D printers; and their Job and Event Board, that features all the latest jobs and events surrounding additive manufacturing and 3D printing. By bringing these tools together into one place, they are able to give their users and visitors a unique experience that truly makes their website one of a kind.